Welcome to this Homepage!

This website is dedicated to the ultimate mastermind of level-design for "Duke Nukem 3D" and his work: Pascal Rouaud.
You've never heard of him before?! Be ashamed! Trust me, no matter how far you will ever go on collecting the best of the best of all usermade maps for "Duke Nukem 3D", you will never come round to find anything better than those maps he created - without any use of additional textures, conversion routines or similar stuff. By now, his ROCH series contains nine maps of different styling and superbe gameplay - and let's hope there still will be a lot of them coming up in the future!
In addition to that, Pascal did another fine job coding a great launcher for Windows98 and above. At present, version 3.5 is available, now supporting several different languages while assisting you playing along your favourite maps or the standart game with high screen resolution.
Both maps and launcher are available for download on this homepage. Be sure to get you these files - you would miss them, that's a fact! Have a look at the screenshots - the maps are stunning! And the launcher has become my favourite starter for "Duke Nukem 3D".
Oh, by the way: I'm neither related to Pascal nor envolved in the development of those files and sure as hell I'm not getting paid to write all this - I'm nothing but a fan of his creations, and therefore I feel compelled to make him an appropriate site where his work can be admired.

Jonas Andrews